Year 3 - Peacock Class 

Welcome to Peacock Class!

In Year 3 there are 25 children.  Our class teacher is Mrs Seward and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Harwood. 

Year Three promises to be an exciting year when your child will have many varied opportunities to learn from a wide range of experiences, helping them to become independent and enthusiastic learners. Each term will have a new topic where the needs of the curriculum will be set in context to help give meaningful links across each subject. The first topic will be ‘Dahlicious’, followed in the Spring term by ‘Secrets In The Sand’, concluding with ‘Pathways Through The Past’.

The children will be encouraged to become enthusiastic and inquisitive learners, developing a wide range of skills and techniques through a range of classroom tasks and activities.

Please see the documents below which will help you support your child and understand what we are learning in class:

Year 3 Year Ahead Booklet 2020-21

Year 3 Topic Web Autumn 2020

Year 3 Timetable Autumn 2020

Year 3 Overview 2020-21

Year 3 Topic Web Summer 2021






Autumn 2020

Year Three made the most of an Autumn morning by taking their learning outside; they were 'hunter gatherers' finding out information about foxes from posters that had been displayed on the school field.


Once the hunter had gathered their facts, they had to share them with the rest of the group who needed to note down what had been discovered, the facts were than given actions to share in an echo circle.

On Wednesday 14th October Year Three decided to give the farmers in the Fantastic Mr Fox story a healthier diet so we made vegetable soup! The children brought in different vegetables from home and before making the soup, the children collected data about the vegetables that had been sent in and presented this in different ways. From this data they created a recipe. Eventually the vegetables were washed, peeled, chopped, cooked and blended in to soup. It was delicious! 

We hope that the farmers are feeling healthier and benefitting from all the advantages of a healthy diet!

The children came to school dressed as Mayans and spent the day learning about the Ancient Mayan culture. They found out about their use of cocoa beans to make the first chocolate drink - quite different to ours and not to everyone's taste! Cocoa beans were also used as currency, to trade for other goods, as gifts to the gods and as a medicine.


They made clay chocolate gods, masks representing a god for the day of the dead festival,  built temples and had a go at Mayan numbers and writing. 

A splendid day! 

On Thursday 25th March, as part of their RE work, thinking about the resurrections of Christ, new life and signs of spring, Year Three enjoyed a lovely walk around the village. They spotted; buds, blossom, people working outside without coats, birds building nests, washing on the line, many different spring flowers and lots more.......


On their walk they collected a 'twiggy twig', on returning to the class they created 3D decorations showing signs of spring and symbols from the Easter story to hang on their twigs, they also created a puzzle all about signs of spring. A lovely morning was had by all.

Year Three's Howard Carter day.


Year Three spent the day expanding their Egypt knowledge and developing their archaeological skills in a bid to convince Howard Carter to take them with him on his next expedition to uncover more secrets of Ancient Egypt

Dear Year Three,  

Thank you for showing so much interest in the above advertisement, I have written to Howard telling him all about it. He enjoyed hearing about the day I spent with you and how enthusiastically you worked on all the wonderful activities in an attempt to prepare yourselves for a visit to Egypt with him. 

The map work you have completed about Ancient Egypt, where you had to locate all the places of interest will help you search in new areas for Tutankhamen's tomb, I do hope it is found soon, Howard has worked so hard for so many years and we are worried that Lord Carnarvon may soon run out of money to fund any more digs. 

While Howard and his team have been searching, they have found relics in the sand, and like you needed to research and discover what they would have been used for and what this tells us of Ancient Egyptian life. 

If you are lucky enough to end up helping Howard, your studying of hieroglyphic letters and numbers will come in useful as many of the tombs and monuments in Egypt have them scribed into them. Experts are always needing help in decoding what they say as it is such a complicated system of writing. Similarly, your interpretation of farming life from studying wall paintings showing the Nile will help you as you have learnt how to use evidence to tell you about the past. 

It was quite brave of you to try Ancient Egyptian style bread; how did it taste? Did the sand make it very gritty? I do hope you didn’t find any preserved cats in the honey! 

I hope you continue to enjoy finding out more about Ancient Egypt, I look forward to reading your application letters, make sure you tell Howard all the things you have been doing so that you can persuade him that you are the best people for the job. 

Good luck 

Your sincerely 

Mr Howard Carter.