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Reception - Starling Class

Welcome to Starling Class!

Welcome to Starling Class – Reception – at Steeple Morden Primary School!


We have 19 children in our class. Our teachers are Mrs Meridew and Mrs Monks. Mrs Meridew works Monday – Wednesday and Mrs Monks works Wednesday – Friday.  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Keech and we are also very lucky to have Mrs Brown teaching in class on Wednesday afternoons to cover our Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time. During Mrs Monks’ maternity leave, Mrs Meridew will work Monday – Thursday and Mrs Brown will cover on Fridays in addition to Wednesday afternoons. 

In Reception, we learn through seven areas of learning which are split into three prime areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language and Physical Development. As well as four specific areas: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. We practise lots of skills such as recognising and using numbers to 20, numerical patterns, reading using phonics and writing for a variety of purposes as well as practising and rehearsing those skills in our play, sharing, taking turns and becoming part of the school community.


We plan to provide your child with a safe and fun place to learn. Our aim is to engage with every child and promote a lifelong love of learning and create a foundation in which the children will flourish during their time at our primary school. We work with each and every child, in multiple ways to suit their learning needs and to ‘be the best that they can be’. The children will experience a variety of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to enhance and develop their understanding, knowledge and skills. We are passionate about following our children’s fascinations and interests and enjoy each day’s learning journey.​

Please see the documents below which will help you support your child and understand what we are learning in class:

Starling Overview 2023-24

Starling Topic Web Autumn 2023

Starling Timetable Autumn 2023

Starling Timetable 2 Autumn 2023 

Starling Topic Web Spring 2024

Starling Timetable 1 Spring 2024

Spring Term

During the Spring Term we strengthen friendships with our peers and the staff. We learn about China and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. As the term progresses we observe and recreate the work of Shen Zhou alongside our learning about Chinese New Year, Sue Hotchkis alongside our learning about recycling and Sokari Douglas Camp alongside our learning about Nigeria. We focus on mental health and how to ‘love’ ourselves, look after ourselves and be proud of who we are. We learn about the traditions and history behind Mother’s Day and towards the end of term we turn our attention to Easter, thinking about how Christians celebrate all around the world. Following the children’s interests and fascinations we learn about dinosaurs and space, exploring these topics in fun and exciting ways. We build on our previous Phonics learning and begin to recognise, use and apply digraphs and trigraphs; strengthen our understanding of numbers up to 10, think about identifying and recreating patterns and explore various types of measure in Maths.

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