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At Steeple Morden Primary School children, on the whole, behave very well and the school is a calm and orderly place.  They are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and helped to think of others, of their impact on the environment and their role in maintaining a safe and happy school for everyone.  We continually look for opportunities to praise and reward positive behaviour and give children the chance to recognise this in themselves and others.

Adults in school (staff, parents and other visitors) act as role models and are expected to demonstrate the same appropriate behaviour towards the school, the children, and each other at all times.

Parents also have an important role in encouraging good standards of behaviour in their children; at home, in school and beyond.  To help everyone understand the different roles and responsibilities we have produced a Home School Agreement which we hope promotes a joint approach to behaviour and learning.

We recognise that sometimes individual children need additional support or reminders to behave well.  In order to support those children, teachers use a range of strategies to help the child make appropriate choices and take responsibility for themselves. 

When behaviour does not meet our expectations, we aim to act swiftly, fairly and consistently.  We will always seek to listen to the child and help them to understand why their behaviour is not acceptable.  We link this to the values we practise and help the child reflect on what different choices were available.  We encourage them, appropriate to their age and development, to identify how they could make up for what they have done.

Our Behaviour Policy provides additional information, and follows the Local Authority guidance.

Behaviour Policy

Home School Agreement

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