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The School Day, Homework & School Meals

The School Day (2020 - 2022)


  • The school gates are open and supervised from 8.45am to 9.10am.  Each class has an allocated drop off time within this period which relates to arrangements for their school day (playtimes, lunchtimes, home time etc.).  Parents are notified of timings at the start of the school year and each term, with arrangements for siblings in different classes being taken into account.

  • Morning registration starts at the drop off time for the class and closes after 10 minutes. If a child arrives after registration they will be marked as late.

  • Assemblies take place each day and include a Christian act of worship.  These could be whole school assemblies, Key Stage assemblies or class assemblies.  We begin our week with a whole school assembly first thing on Monday morning and end the week with a whole school celebration assembly Friday afternoon.  As appropriate these may be face to face or via Zoom.

  • Morning break is either 10.10-10.30 or 10.30-10.50 depending on class timetables.

  • Lunch time is staggered to limit the number of children eating together in the hall.  Each class has an allocated hour’s lunch break between 11.45am and 1.30pm.

  • There is the opportunity for KS1 children to have an afternoon break if the class teacher feels it necessary.

  • The school day ends at 3.00pm or 3.10pm in line with the allocated morning drop off times.


Every pupil receives homework on a regular basis, beginning with reading and sounds work in Reception Class. Details of the amount and type of work to be set for each year group will be provided by the class teacher at the beginning of the year, in the Year Ahead information.

Please support your child in the completion of these tasks by providing them with a quiet place in which to work. If you have any queries about homework tasks, please speak to the class teacher.

All children are expected to read, or be read to by a parent/carer, every day.


We are very proud of our school meal service, which is managed in house.  This allows us to directly control meal content and portion sizes.  Most of our dishes are prepared on site and we endeavour to use local produce suppliers.  We encourage payments for school meals to be made via SIMSPay - please speak to the office if you don't have access to this.  

School Meal Charges for 2022-23

Pupil Daily  £2.40

Pupil Weekly £12.00


Universal Infant Free School Meals 

Free school meals are available for all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  This initiative has been developed with the purpose of aiding child development, supporting academic performance and improving levels of healthy eating.   For more information please visit the School Food Plan website.  

You will not need to submit an application because all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will automatically be entitled to the free school meal.  However, if you are on a low income, we highly recommend that you do still make a free school meals application as it will allow school l to unlock additional funding for your child/ren, which will go towards supporting their development.

Eligibility for Free School Meals

School Milk

School milk is available free for children under five and is subsidised thereafter, costing approximately £15 per term for over-fives.

The milk is not provided by the school but by "Cool Milk", a private company.  If you would like your child to receive school milk, you should contact them directly by email or telephone:  


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