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Year 4 - Swift Class

Welcome to Swift Class!

For the first few weeks of term, we are concentrating on learning about the Saxon way of life, their art and culture.  

In maths, we are focusing on applying our reasoning skills, which we can use to explain how we know an answer is correct or incorrect. We will be encouraging the correct use of mathematical vocabulary, with words such as: approximate, a rounded number, estimate, count on, column addition, increase and more than.  


In English this term we are going to be looking at how authors develop character in their writing. We will be looking at the details that are included about a character’s appearance, their actions and what they say. This will involve some close reading of text. Leading up to Christmas we will be producing informal letters.


We will be swimming on Monday morning off site. Our first session takes place on the 18th September. All children will require a swimming hat.

Spring Term 2024

This term we will be exploring a cross curricular topic titled, ‘Imagine, Inspire, Influence’. This topic has an Art and Design and Technology focus, which allows us to look at present day advances in technology that affect our lives today and in the future. We will be learning about inspiring innovators, inventors. artists, architects, designers and painters. As well as looking at their many achievements, we will be considering how they dealt with pitfalls and difficulties. We will be able to reflect on their resilience and use some of their behaviours in our own work. This work will link with our study of biographies in English.


If your child is secure in their times tables recall, this will help build firm foundations as the complexity of the curriculum increases over the years. The National Curriculum expectation is that by the end of Year Four, children are fluent in their recall of all multiplication facts up to 12x12. Alongside their weekly Mathletics, 1 minute maths and tackling tables exercises, this website has a number of games that can also help the children embed their multiplication facts.

This website helps prepare for a computer based times tables test similar to the government’s Multiplication Check that will be taken by children in Year 4 in June.

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