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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Acting Headteacher

Mrs Jo Daniels (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Assistant Headteacher

Mr David Beavan

Assistant Headteacher (SEND)

Mrs Pauline Luebcke (Safeguarding Lead)


Reception (Starling)

Year 1 (Robin)


Year 2 (Owl)

Year 3 (Peacock)

Year 4 (Swift)

Year 5 (Heron)


Year 6 (Puffin)

SEND Leader


Mrs Faye Meridew

& Mrs Sophie Monks

Mrs Maree Bowmer

& Mrs Ellen Andrews


Miss Erin Blesic

Mrs Catherine Seward

Mr David Beavan

Mrs Debbie Morris 

& Mrs Jo Daniels

Mr Leon Baker

Mrs Pauline Luebcke

Mrs Emma Harwood

Premises Team

Cleaner in Charge



Mrs Julie Keech

Mr Colin Seward

Mr Josh King

Administration Team

Finance & HR Manager

Premises Manager

School Secretary

Mrs Melanie Plowman-Cobb

Mrs Yvette Browne

Mrs Michele Taylor

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lisa Ivey                          Mrs Julie Keech                     Miss Bobbi Smith HLTA        Mrs Lorraine Carter   

Mrs Stephanie Hicks   

Mrs Jane Brown

Mrs Donna Dibling


Mrs Helen Barbour HLTA

Mrs Karen Brown HLTA

Mrs Kathryn Weddepohl HLTA

Mrs Emma Harwood

Mr Gary Brown

Mrs April Holley

Catering Team

Head Caterer

Assisted by

Miss Hayley Sheppard

Mrs Maria Barker

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Kathy Crooks                

Mrs Donna Dibling

Mrs Emma Harwood

Mrs Lynda Bragoli

Mrs Kathryn Weddepohl

Ms Donna Eversley

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