Year 6 - Puffin Class

Welcome to Puffin Class!

We have a class of 20 again this year. This term our overarching theme is Conflict. We will be studying the Great War in History and English culminating in a visit to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.

Our focus in English will initially be on newspaper reports followed by looking at balanced arguments. Later in the term we will look at various different types of poem, including poetry from 1914-1918 and we will also be studying Shakespeare.

In Maths we will be learning about place value before looking at number and the formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Towards the end of the term the focus will be on word problems and algebra before we take on fractions.

In Year 6 the children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to challenge themselves in lessons, usually through differentiated work and outcomes. There is a demanding workload in Year 6 and expectations are high. Children are encouraged to take full responsibility for their own behaviour, work, homework, equipment and timekeeping in order to develop their independence and

organisational skills in preparation for secondary school. Where possible, I aim to involve the whole class in decision making and problem solving opportunities, both in our classroom and when taking the lead across the school. All members of Year 6 will have extra-curricular responsibilities, over the course of the year, such as assisting Reception Class once a week at lunchtime in “Workforce” groups. They will also participate in assemblies and undertake various other leadership roles. Year 6 Representatives lead the School Council’s regular meetings with members of staff and others.

Spring Term 2020

We are studying the Ancient Greeks this term. We will be focussing on this topic in History, English and RE.

In Maths, we will be concentrating on algebra and fractions initially. Into March, we will be studying measurement. As the SAT’s exams become ever closer, we will focus on strategies to work through the curriculum in the tests. One important aspect is the language used; we will try to encourage the children in their use of the terminology needed.

In English, we will be looking at a variety of writing genres and will be drafting our written work with a focus on punctuation, choice of vocabulary and the structure of the text. We will continue with guided reading and SPAG regularly too. As with our Maths, exam technique will become a focus and we will be looking at this on a more regular basis.

We will have 2 further weeks for SATs exam preparation – one in early February and the other in lApril.

A reminder that the residential trip to the Peak District in Derbyshire takes place from 16th to the 20th March and a brief meeting for parents about the trip will take place in the Year 6 classroom on 11th February. Keep an eye on the Star for more information in the weeks leading up to the residential.

Year 6 SATS Information
Click on the link below to watch videos and download information about the new Key Stage 2 SATS exams.