Year 5 - Heron Class

Welcome to Heron Class!
There are twenty children in our class, ten boys and ten girls. We are delighted to have two new pupils joining us this September and are sure that they will be made to feel welcome by the rest of the class and settle in quickly. Mrs Talbot and Mrs Morris are your class teachers this year and we are both looking forward to working together to teach your children. Mrs Morris will be teaching English and Maths every morning and Mrs Talbot will cover the remainder of the curriculum in the afternoons. We are lucky to have Mrs Crossman supporting us in the delivery of the curriculum in the mornings throughout the week.
Our class timetable is below.
Maths Reasoning Open Morning
Chinese Art
Year 5 Maths Morning
Shang Dynasty history timeline
Creating a history timeline.
Autumn Term Gymnastics
This half term we have been concentrating on performing and linking nine basic gymnastic shapes with control and  precision. We are very proud of what we have achieved.
Grafham Water 2018 residential visit

We hope you enjoy the Grafham photos that we have compiled for you.

Having a sleep over with twenty  friends was great fun. There were big dorms of up to eight and smaller ones sleeping two. It was a real experience for your children to be away from home for two nights in an unfamiliar place. For some it was the first time. Bed time stories and kind friends helped those who felt a little home sick. The hot chocolate helped too!

Crate stacking required a number of different skills: communication, balance and bravery being three of the most important. The children worked together to keep their team mates climbing high and keeping balanced. It all came to an end when the Grafham leader called ‘time’s up’ and kicked their crates out from under them, leaving them dangling mid-air!

The cycling was a real challenge as the class had varying degrees of experience of riding bikes. Although 10 miles seemed like a really long way everyone dug in and pushed on. The children helped each other out by being supportive and encouraging. Some children felt so proud that they had actually managed to cycle all the way round whilst others could have been round in a flash!

The raft building required strength and attention to detail. The activity started with hauling the equipment down onto the beach and then tying specialist knots to build the raft. Team work was at the centre of this part of the session. The children then tested their rafts on the water and learned quite quickly that it’s actually quite hard to stay on a wet barrel! Getting in and out of wetsuits was also quite a challenge!

Back to the open water on a stunning afternoon. It was incredible to watch children, in twos or threes sailing off on their own on their boats. There was a feeling of freedom and joy on the reservoir that afternoon (the speed boat was never far away though).

It was the Grafham challenge on Thursday evening. Blindfolded amongst the trees, the children had to follow their leader, relying on them to talk them through the obstacle that was coming up next. Bravery, trust and resilience were on full display.

The whole class and staff came together for the last activity of the stay. Archery in the main hall was followed by problem solving activities. Children created an imaginary journey and whichever section of the target their arrow landed on sent them off on a wild adventure – you might have to ask them to explain this to you!

 As you can see, a great time was had by all.