Year 5 - Heron Class

Welcome to Heron Class!

There are twenty-nine children in Year Five, Mrs Morris and Mrs How are the current class teachers and we are looking forward to working together to teach your children. Mrs Morris will be teaching on Monday morning, all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday morning. Mrs How will teach the class on Fridays. Mrs Hannah, an experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistant, will be teaching the class on Monday afternoons. On Thursday afternoons the class will be taught by Mrs Barbour and Mrs Miller who are also both experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistants. They will be teaching P.E. and R.E.

 We are also lucky to have Mrs Miller working in the classroom supporting us in the delivery of the curriculum; she will be working in year five in this capacity from Monday to Wednesday. Mrs Weddepohl and Ms Smith also continue to be a part of the class team.

You will find everything you need to know about life in Year Five in the documents below. The links will take you to

· The ‘Year Ahead’ Booklet

· Our weekly timetable

· Our curriculum overview for the year

Autumn Term 2019: The Treasures of the Orient

We begin the year with a study of The Shang Dynasty from Ancient China. We are looking forward to exploring this period of world history, creating Chinese inspired art, writing Chinese myths and legends and using atlases to explore the geographical features of China.

Autumn Term 2019: Creative Homework dates

Please remember that the dates for the submission of your creative homework in the autumn term are

· Tuesday 24th September

· Tuesday 15th October 2019

· Tuesday 12th November

· Tuesday 3rd December

Grafham Water Residential Trip: 18th – 20th September 2019

On 18th September we all boarded the coach and headed off to Grafham Water for three days of adventure and outdoor activities. For some of us it was the first time we had ever slept away from our families so there were some nerves as well as excitement. The weather was sunny and the sky was blue, we felt very lucky.

When we arrived we met our instructors – they were brilliant! They were good fun and knowledgeable about each activity. They also took time to make sure that we all achieved our best by encouraging us and supporting us to try and achieve a little more than we thought we could on each activity. Sometimes that was a bit scary but you always felt very proud of yourself when it was over and you thought about what you had done.

We slept in bedrooms with bunk-beds. Some rooms were for just two people and some rooms had five people sleeping in them. We had to make our own beds and keep our rooms tidy, some of us were better at this than others! We ate in a big dining room with children from other schools. The kitchen staff told our teachers that we had lovely manners in the dining room. We also had a big lounge that we could use to play games in and chat between activities. This is where we had delicious hot chocolate and a story at bedtime in our pyjamas.

During the three days that we were at Grafham Water we all had the opportunity to try stand-up paddle boarding, climbing, mountain biking, sailing and crate stacking. It was amazing.

We would like to say a great big ‘THANK YOU’ to our parents, teachers and all the staff at Grafham Water for making this a brilliant trip for us all. We will never forget our time together at Grafham Water.

Year Five