Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4 there are 19 children: 11 girls and 8 boys.

Our class teacher is Mrs Seward and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Littlefair. The class will also be supported at various times by some specialist teachers.

 Year 4 promises to be an exciting year where your child will have many varied opportunities to learn from a wide range of experiences, helping them to become independent enthusiastic learners. Each term will have a new topic where the needs of the curriculum will be set in context to help give meaningful links across each subject. The first topic will be ‘The Magic of Books’, followed in the Spring term by ‘The Mysteries of Egypt’, concluding with ‘A Time Traveller’s Guide to Ashwell’.

The children will work in flexible groups depending upon their needs and the learning focus for the session. The children will be encouraged to become enthusiastic and inquisitive learners, developing a wide range of skills and techniques through a range of classroom tasks and activities.

 Please see the class time table, yearly curriculum over view and termly topic webs for more detail.

Victory dance and tea party
On Friday Year Four had a super day. We came to school dressed in our evacuee costumes and spent part of the morning interviewing Mr Thorpe and Mrs Mead about their childhood in the war.
After lunch we had a dance workshop. We learnt some lindy hop called the 'Big apple'
We had a go at teaching our parents the steps so that they could join in. They all did rather well for a crash course and first try!
Tudor Day
On Friday 11th May Year Four held their Tudor Fayre. The children came to school dressed in their Tudor finery and spent the morning making things to sell. These included dried frogs to keep away the plague, Tudor roses, Tudor pies and beautiful lace designs. In the afternoon our parents came to buy our wares.
A lovely day was had by all!
Year Celtic day
On Monday 30th April Year Four came to school dressed in their best Celtic costumes. We started the morning with some Celtic maths. After break we needed all of our strength and problem solving strategies to move some enormous stones from Cornwall (one end of the hall) to Wiltshire (the other end of the hall) so that we could build our own henge.
We built the henge in the classroom and used it in the afternoon as somewhere to sit to make our Celtic brooches and to do some weaving.
Another super day in Year Four!
Ashwell Walk
On Tuesday 24th April we went on our walk to Ashwell. We had a lovely walk across the fields and only got a little bit wet!
Our first stop was the museum where we learnt lots about the history of Ashwell. We had a booklet to complete that helped us make the most of our time there. The highlight, as always, was having a photo taken in the privvy!
It had stopped raining by the time we left the museum so we took advantage of the dry weather to have a look at some of the Tudor buildings in the High Street. We sketched the museum too.
Next stop was the church. we were met by the church warden who told us some interesting facts about the church.
We were all very hungry by now so we headed for the springs for a picnic lunch and the walk home.
A super day!
Spring Term
The Bishop's Lent Challenge
Year 4's 'T' was tend, this means to look after someone or something. To tend to their needs.
We tended to the staff by making them special Easter nests and treating them to morning coffee and tea at playtime.
STEM week
What a week! A lovely one. We have travelled back 100 years and thought about joining Ernest Shackleton on his fated journey to Antarctica. Thought about how to keep warm by copying how polar animals do it. Timed ourselves to see how many layers of clothing we could put on in one minute. (Very entertaining!!) Investigated how layers of fabric act as insulators and used this to help us design and make sleeping bags for Shackleton's crew. Found out about what polar explorers need to eat to stay healthy whilst on expedition.
Egyptian Coffee Morning
On Thursday 8th February, Year 4 held an Egyptian coffee morning. We invited our parents in to look at our topic work on Ancient Egypt, and to share tea, cakes and pyramid scones made by the children.
Thank you to all who were able to come and a big thank you for the cakes you supplied - they were delicious.
It was a lovely morning.
Egyptian Day
On Wednesday 7th February, Year Four time travelled to the times of Ancient Egypt. Dressed as pharaohs and queens, we worked hard to produce artefacts that would please the god Aten. We painted designs for the tomb walls, we made perfumed cones so that we smelt lovely, we practised our hieroglyphics and mummified a peg!
All in a mornings work!
In the afternoon we had a royal banquet. There was dancing, acting, miming and feasting. Unfortunately one of the slaves tried to run away but was caught and the punishment was to have their little toe cut off and although we had a tomb robber in our midst, he was let off with a warning.
A great day!
Howard Carter Day
On Wednesday 17th January the Year Four classroom was filled with explorers. archaeologists, adventurers and even some Ancient Egyptians all eager to find out more about Ancient Egypt. We had a lovely day digging for artefacts, doing our maths using hieroglyphics, making flatbreads, writing our name in hieroglyphics on a cartouche and finding out more about the geography of Egypt.
Year 4 French Day
Year 4 have had a super start to the new term by spending the first two days doing all things French! We have found out about iconic things that come from France and located the region that is famous for them on a map of France. We researched Louis Braille, found out about the Monglifier Brothers, Raymond Blanc, made a French dictionary and learnt our colours and numbers in French, with the help of Monet!
On Friday morning we had a lovely time in the French café with Year 3. For just one Euro we sampled French bread with pate or cheese, crepes with Chantilly cream and drank apple juice, orange juice or sparkling water.
Tout le monde avait passé un bon moment!
Autumn Term
Class Assembly
On Friday 8th December Year 4 took their parents and the rest of the school into Narnia and retold the story of The Tailor of Gloucester. There were some very impressive performances and lots of lines well remembered.
Well done Year 4, a fantastic assembly!
Year 4 go to Narnia
On Friday 17th November Year Four ventured into Narnia, where we explored the forest (school woods) to help us get ideas for our descriptive writing. We warmed ourselves with a cup of hot chocolate and some of us enjoyed a piece of Turkish delight although it wasn't to everyone's liking!
Evacuee Day
On Thursday 2nd November the children in Year Four came to school dressed as evacuees. We spent the morning writing a poem using the beginning of the story of 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' as a stimulus. We also added some drama by using freeze frames of the three different scenes.
A very productive morning.
Coffee Morning
On Thursday 19th October we were joined in class by our parents to share this half term's work. We had a lovely morning looking at all the work we have produced on owls. We also held an interactive science exhibition, which our parents took part in, looking at all of the science relating to owls, their habitats, their food chain etc. There was plenty of tea, coffee and delicious cakes to enjoy as well. The children had also made owl eye biscuits which were super.
Thank you to all of the parents who came and a special thank you for the cakes!
A splendid morning was had by all.
Owl Day
On Wednesday 27th September Otto the owl came to school for the morning. We learnt so much about owls from her owner Jenny. She brought with her some owl pellets that we dissected to find out what Otto had had for lunch recently. We all had a photograph taken holding Otto and then we made chocolate owl pellets - they were delicious!
A brilliant morning.
Year 4 Magic Day
We started Year 4 this year by coming to school dressed in our wizardry finest! We spent the day discovering all sorts of wonderful magic; we made raisins dance, we spun straws, we made magic meringues and we made invisible ink.
A fantastic day was had by all.