Year 3 Homework Task

Dear Year Three parents,

We have all had an exciting and enthusiastic start to our ‘Dahlicious’ topic. The children have so far enjoyed looking at the features of biographies, information text on foxes, the works of Quentin Blake, urban and rural features and what makes a healthy diet. To compliment this work, this terms take home task should be something broadly related to our topic, this could be about foxes, maybe a fund raising pack explaining the need for monies to be raised along with poster, ideas, games etc. that could be used to raise the funds.

They may like to research and produce a fact file about a different species of foxes.

They could think about their favourite Rohld Dahl book, and create a for a board game set around the book’s events. Alternatively think about the central character and write a new adventure for them. Create a puppet theatre to retell the story.

Create and cook a meal themed on a character along with a recipe card and instructions so that it could be recreated.

Plan a birthday party themed around the events and characters in a book. This could include a homemade outfit, and list of suggested party games.

Write a script for a favourite scene along with stage directions and suggested props.

These are only suggestions, please feel free to come up with your own ideas, anything goes as long as it is somehow related to our topic ‘Dahlicious’

The children will share their take home tasks with the class during the week directly after half term (week beginning 29.10.18)

The work produced should reflect the time that has been given for it, parental help, support and fun is encouraged.

Happy creating