Year 3 - Peacock Class

Welcome to Peacock Class!
In Year 3 there are 29 children.
Our class teacher is Mrs Seward and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Littlefair and Mrs Weston. 
Year 3 promises to be an exciting year when your child will have many varied opportunities to learn from a wide range of experiences, helping them to become independent enthusiastic learners. Each term will have a new topic where the needs of the curriculum will be set in context to help give meaningful links across each subject. The first topic will be ‘Dahlicious’, followed in the Spring term by ‘A Golden Voyage of Discovery’, concluding with ‘Into The Woods’.
The children will work in flexible groups depending upon their needs and the learning focus for the session. The children will be encouraged to become enthusiastic and inquisitive learners, developing a wide range of skills and techniques through a range of classroom tasks and activities.
 Please see the class timetable, yearly curriculum overview and termly topic webs for more detail.

Our Tudor Day out

Tuesday at Burghley was fabulous, all the children were impeccably behaved and were a credit to themselves and the school. The staff at Burghley could not speak highly enough of them.

 While we were there we visited the Tudor doctor, learnt some games that children would have played, learnt a Tudor dance, found out about what would have happened at a Tudor feast, who would have sat where and who would have been able to eat what. We were then treated to a short tour of some of the rooms in Burghley house, the kitchen was fascinating and the painted room unbelievable! We finished the day by making Tudor pockets.

 A wonderful day was had by all, some found it rather tiring and had a snooze on the way home!

Calling all scientific ship builders

As part of STEM week we tried to help design new ships for the Elizabethan explorers. To help design the ships we thought about, what shape and size they would need to be and what material they should be made from. We carried out investigations to test our ideas. We also thought about how different liquids can affect how something floats.

To help us explain what we had found out we thought about the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes. He thought about why some object float and sink, he discovered that two forces are in action, the weight of the object pushing downwards and the up thrust from the water pushing upwards.

Elizabethan Coffee Morning

On Friday 15th February Year Three held an Elizabethan coffee morning. We invited our parents to spend some time with us, drinking tea or coffee, eating cake amd looking at all of the lovely work we have been doing over the last half term.

It was a lovely morning.

Science Day

On Wednesday 30th January, Year Three spent the day investigating rocks and soils. We learnt about the different layers of soils, we looked at the properties of different types of rock, we conducted an experiment to find out how different soils filtered water and we found out how fossils are made. We even made our own fossils.

It was a fun day and we learnt a lot!

Elizabethan Day
On Monday 14th January Year Three came to school in their Elizabethan finery and they looked splendid!
We spent the day finding out as much as we could about the Elizabethan times. We looked at the types of new foods that were discovered by the explorers of that time and where they came from, we looked at coats of arms and designed one for our family name, we pretended we were Queen Elizabeth and wrote secret messages that were smuggled in beer barrels and built houses that had priest holes hidden inside.
It was a brilliant day!
Year Three French Day
On Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th January Year Three spent their time learning all things French. We had a super two days learning some of the language and also learning about France. We found out what France is famous for, such as their landmarks, their famous people and their food. On Wednesday we were able to sample some of their food: pate, cheese, French bread and brioche.
It was a lovely start to the new term.
Life Education Bus
On Friday 9th November Year three visited the Life Education Bus. They found out about their bodies, how they work and what they need to stay healthy with a particular focus on the brain and nervous systems. They explored issues around the use of medicines, cigarettes and alcohol and personal choice.
There was also the opportunity to explore the qualities of friendship and to understand the skills they need to be effective in their peer group.
Mayan Day
On Thursday we came to school dressed as Mayans and spent the day learning about the Mayan culture. We found out about their use of cocoa beans to make the first chocolate drink - quite different to ours and not to everyone's taste! We made clay chocolate gods. masks representing a god, we built temples and we had a go at Mayan numbers and writing.
A splendid day!
Soup Making
On Monday 15th October we decided to give the farmers in the Fantastic Mr Fox story a healthier diet so we made chicken and vegetable soup! The children brought in different vegetables which were peeled, chopped and weighed. Then we added chicken. It was delicious!
A lovely Autumn Day!
On Thursday 27th September we made the most of the sunshine and spent a lot of our learning time outside.
In the morning we were hunter gathers finding out information about foxes from posters that had been displayed on the school field. In the afternoon we went for a walk looking for signs of Autumn and also anything that would tell us we live in a rural area.
A lovely time was had by all - we even found foxes poo!!