Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We have 29 children, 16 boys and 13 girls. 

Our teachers are Mrs Alexander and Mrs Talbot and our teaching assistants are Mrs Hannah and Mrs Parr. Mrs Miller takes us for P.E. on a Wednesday afternoon.
Below is a timetable of the things we do each week. Our teachers keep us very busy…
Year 3 had a fabulous start to the school’s STEM week. We began by having a great workshop with the Antarctica Explorer Unit learning about boats and how they stay balanced. We worked in small groups to investigate adding weight to our ‘boat’ and observe what happens to our plum line. We continued the day by investigating how we could turn a ball of Plasticine into a boat that would float and carry passengers. This proved much trickier than we thought. We realised we needed to change the shape of the Plasticine to succeed. The day finished with our groups being given a set of materials: a piece of cling film, 10 plastic straws, 4 plastic cups and some tape with which we had to design and build a boat. This was good fun.
Tuesday morning saw us continuing with our boat theme as we built a soap-powered boat.  We used a piece of strong cardboard, a cocktail stick and some soap to make a boat that propelled itself across the surface of the water. This activity can be found on the ‘Science Bob’ website which has many great scientific investigations for children.
The rest of the morning turned to biology and learning about the skeleton. We started off by looking at the human skeleton and then we investigated whether or not animals were vertebrates or invertebrates.
In the afternoon we had an amazing architectural workshop. We started off by building tripods that grew into tetrahedrons. These then got put together until eventually we built a Viking longboat!
Year 3 Do some Christmas Baking!
Year 3 have been looking at instructions in our English lessons. We have been identifying bossy verbs (imperatives) and adding adverbs to them. This work has culminated in us following our instructions to make Christmas cakes. We all did different jobs such as; weighing out all of the dried fruit, cracking eggs, cutting the apricots, grating the lemon zest or creaming together the butter and sugar. We made the school smell gorgeously Christmassy!
Trip to Verulamium
Year 3 visited the Roman Verulamium in St Albans on the 14th November.
We had an action packed day. It started with us walking up to the Hypocaust to look at the underfloor heating system which was covered by a floor mosaic. After lunch we then took part in a handling session. This involved us sitting around tables and examining Roman artefacts. We looked at objects that were from Roman buildings, kitchens and items that were used to keep you clean. We finished off the day by watching a short DVD about when the Romans settled in St Albans and a look around the many artefacts in the museum.
In RE we have been learning all about Hinduism and Diwali. As part of our English topic, "Stories From Other Cultures", we read the story of Rama and Sita.  We then linked this into Science for our "Light and Shadows" topic by writing the script, narrating and performing the story of Rama and Sita with shadow puppets.