Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

We have 30 children in our class (15 girls and 15 boys) and our teachers are Mrs Luebcke and Mrs Daniels.

Mrs Brown is our Teaching Assistant who works with us each morning.  Mrs Weston also works in our classroom supporting an individual child.

You will find everything you need to know about life in Year 2 in the ‘Year Ahead Booklet’ below including our yearly curriculum plan and our weekly timetable.

Click on the link below to hear more about the Year 2 SATs tests which will be happening in May.
We will send more information home about this at the beginning of the summer term.

‘Lights, Camel, Action:- It’s Strictly the Nativity’

We all really enjoyed performing our nativity for you – acting, singing and especially dancing, as you can see from these lovely photos!


Summer Term 2018

‘Voyage to the bottom of the deep blue sea……’ is our summer term theme which we launched last week with a submarine dive to explore the different creatures that we might find in our oceans.

The children already know lots of facts about some amazing creatures and we enjoyed formulating some questions that we would like to research and find the answers to this term.

We will be building a class aquarium and transforming our classroom into an underwater world.  We have lots of fun Art and Design Technology projects to look forward to in order to help us do this.

This term we will also be looking forward to lots of special events including our charity fundraising event (more details to follow), lots of swimming lessons, tennis, athletics, as well as the Choir’s performance of ‘Oliver’ later in the term.



Spring Term 2018

The children are very excited about our new cross curricular theme this term -  ‘A Step Back in Time……’

We are focusing on London as our capital city to begin with and exploring all of the well known landmarks that can be found there.  We have been practising our geographical skills by studying maps and plans and devising our own maps with keys.  We will soon be looking at how the city has changed over time, travelling back to see what life was like hundreds of years ago. Our first stop will be to look at life in London in 1666 at the time of the Great Fire of London and how we know about what happened at that time.  We will be making links to our current Science work which will look at the materials the houses were made from and how this affected the scale and spread of the fire.  We will of course be looking at the diary of Samuel Pepys and baking our own bread in the kitchen in our ‘Steeple Bake Off!’

We have created a Tourist Information Office in our classroom and are looking forward to planning a London themed assembly for you later in the term (Friday 9th March)  when we hope to have many of our London themed homework projects on display in the library.

Autumn Term 2017

‘Rumble in the Jungle: Animals Around the World’’ is our cross curricular theme this term and we will be travelling around the world to find out about how different animals have adapted to different habitats and the main features of the countries in which they can be found.  This will require us to use our geographical and scientific skills to begin with!  Kenya is our first stop and after flying in to Nairobi, we will be exploring the grasslands and learning about the animals which are native to this region of Africa.

We have created a role play area in the classroom which resembles an animal park/jungle area and the children are enjoying lots of imaginative adventures in there!

We had a fantastic time at Woburn Safari Park and learnt so much about habitats and adaptation.

We saw a huge variety of different animals including rhinos, lions, zebra, giraffes, sea lions, meerkats, wallabies, bears, wolves, tigers and monkeys.

Here are some photos from our adventures!