World Book Day

8th March 2019

On Friday 8th March, we celebrated World Book day, all of the children came dressed as best loved book characters, staff dressed as trees to relate to our chosen book for this year, Our book for 2019 was 'I Love This Tree'.

 I love this tree is a book which looks at the life of an old living deciduous tree and through it explores the amazing life of a tree and the creatures that inhabit it. Using a mixture of photos and artwork the book shows how the tree has changed and how it acts as a habitat for other life.

This beautiful book explores how important trees are to the planet. Packed with information and pictures it provides a wealth of information about trees and their importance and inspires a love of these amazing plants.

The trees in our grounds all felt very loved, as they were rubbed, hugged, measured, photographed, drawn and studied.

Reception made special books, all about trees, Year One measured the circumference, Year Two created mini trees from branches, adding their own swings, tree houses and bird feeding stations. Key Stage Two classes (minus Year Six who were in Derbyshire, they will have their own book day later in the month), were mixed together to make three class size groups. Whilst in the Year Three classroom they looked at log dwellers and thought about the mini ecosystem of life in a log. In Year Four the children made observational drawing of leaves and bark and then added favourite quotes from books, and in Year Five the children thought about 'The Tree of Knowledge'.

A 'treemendous' day was had by all.