"Where will your Stories Take You?" - Writing Project

This term’s whole school story writing homework is based on maps.
Your teacher will talk to you about this in class and set it as your next piece of homework. They will let you know when you need to have completed it by.
Once everyone has written their stories and handed them in we will share them with each other.
What you now need to do……
Look at the maps below, and choose one. Click on the links below each one to download a large scale version, which you can print.
Think about what adventure could happen there
Plan your story; once you are happy with your plan write your story in full. Try and be creative and use powerful language, you need to make your story as interesting and enjoyable as it can be for the reader or listener.
Remember stories usually have a problem that the characters have to overcome.
You will need to hand your completed story to your teacher on your normal homework day next week. We will share our stories with each other very soon after that.
Happy story writing, mind you don’t get lost!