Visit from Buddhist Monk, the Venerable Bhante Samitha

29th September 2016

Bhante Samitha, of the Letchworth Buddhist Academy, visited school on Thursday 29th September to take an assembly with our KS2 children. He started off the assembly by explaining to the children how a little meditation can help with concentration and focus. Following this he guided the children through a two minute meditation where they focussed on five things: listening to a bell, becoming present in the moment, noticing how they were sitting and feeling comfortable, having feelings of kindness and having feelings of happiness. It was a very peaceful and relaxed two minutes for everyone in the hall!

He then took questions from the children and talked to them about why he started to meditate when he was a child in Shri Lanka. He explained that it helped his mind to settle and focus on the task at hand and that it helped him in all areas of life including his studies. One of the children asked him whether it was more important to be kind or happy…

Mrs Talbot then invited children to come along for a two minute mediation session during Friday morning playtime. She had a full class of participants, many of whom thought it would be a useful thing to do for two minutes every day!