Our Governing Body

The governing body is made up of 12 members, comprising 2 Parent Governors elected by parents; 1 Local Authority Governor appointed by Cambridgeshire County Council; 3 Foundation Governors appointed by Ely Diocesan Board of Education; the Head Teacher; 1 Staff Governor elected by staff; and 4 Co-Opted Governors appointed by the Governing Body itself.

The governing body also has the opportunity to appoint Associate Members, who do not vote but add their skills and expertise to the work we do. Becoming an Associate is also a useful way of getting to know the work of the governing body before committing to becoming a full Governor.

The role of the governing body is to provide strategic leadership and accountability in the school. The governors' key duties are to:

- appoint the head teacher and work with them to make decisions about use of resources;

- set the aims and objectives for the school;

- monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards those aims and objectives; and

- be a source of challenge and support to the head teacher.


If you have any questions about the governing body please contact the Chair, via the office, on

Current Governors
Head Teacher
Tracey How
Reverend Shamus Williams (Ex officio)
Suzanne Summerhayes
Gillian McGuire
Local Authority
Karenza Nutley (Co-Chair)
David Beavan
Edward Gibbes 
Marie Gardner (Co-Chair)
Gabrielle Edwards
Sara Anderson 
Chris Amadeo


The Full Governing Body meets twice per term, and there are two sub-committees to which much of the work of the governing body is delegated. These committees report to the Full Governing Body.
Resources (Chair: Marie Gardner)
The resources committee meets twice per term to scrutinise the school's finances and help the school's management ensure the available resources are allocated efficiently and that spending remains within budget. The committee also helps the school's management team to ensure the balance of staff is effective across teaching and non-teaching roles and helps the school with recruitment, and to ensure safeguarding procedures are rigorous. If you have any queries about the resources committee email
Curriculum (Chair: Karenza Nutley)
The curriculum committee meets twice per term and its main roles are to support the school in scrutinising annual academic results, to identify specific areas where performance can be improved, and to monitor progress throughout the year to help identify areas that need extra focus. If you have any queries about the curriculum committee email