Useful information for your school day

What happens when I am new?

Starting at a new school is not easy. It is the sort of thing that can worry people………we do not want you to be worried so to make it easy for you, we have designed an imaginary kit bag and in the kit bag are all the things you will need……….

In your kit bag you will have a PE kit. We love games and sports and have a beautiful swimming pool. We have lots of sports clubs. Our PE lessons and Clubs are great for people who love sports and are really good but they are also fantastic for people who want to have a go, try new activities or just do their best. We compete against other schools and do really well but that takes team work.
In your kit bag will be lots of friendship.
Your teacher will ask some one who is REALLY nice to show you around. They will introduce you to their friends, so really quickly you will know lots of people.
The people in your class know that Team work is really important. They will treat you as they would like to be treated and they will expect you to do the same………very soon you will be part of the team. Outside on the play ground we have a Buddy Bench and if you cannot find some one to play with, you can sit there and some one will come and play with you.
At Steeple Morden we like challenges. We celebrate who has been stuck and then been able to over come the problem (stuck on Maths, in Science, up a climbing wall…….) Getting stuck and then achieving means you have faced challenges and made real progress.
In your Kit bag will be an imaginary bow and arrow. Plus an imaginary target on which you can put the things you want to achieve – in Class, at Clubs, at play time and at home. You will be encouraged to “Aim High”. So use your imagination to think about what you could be excellent at……it might be some thing you have never tried or something you have never worked hard at.
So put some Targets in you Kit bag, remember what they are and do your best, but remember it is good to get stuck.
In your kit bag will be healthy snacks, a healthy lunch and lots of water to drink. You can bring a bottle of water to drink. We have 2 water fountains too. The pupils like the school lunches because we have a choice and a salad bar every day except on Wednesdays when we have Roast Lunch.

 What do I need for school?

  • Bottle of fresh WATER. 
  • Juniors need to bring a fresh fruit snack for break time (infants receive a piece of fruit from school). 
  • Your dinner money or packed lunch. 
  • Outdoor shoes and coat. 
  • Sun hat and sun cream during the summer. 
  • Warm hat and gloves during the winter. 
  • Your book bag, with reading book and completed homework. 
  • Your PE Kit (white T-shirt, navy shorts and trainers, plus track suit type trousers and top during the winter months). 
  • Swimming kit (one piece swim suit for girls; trunks and NOT baggy shorts for boys; towel and swimming hat for ALL). 
  • Most stationery will be provided, but lots of children like having their own things, such as pens, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, ruler and glue stick.  If you wish to bring these to school they should be kept in a pencil case and they remain your responsibility.

Where Can I Go and What Can I Do at Playtime?


  • We use the playground at the back of the school at break and lunch times.
  • There is a large hard play area, where we can play skipping, ball and other fun games.  The play equipment is great fun, but it is only available to pupils, who look after it and return it at the end of play.
  • We have a play structure, which is used by each class following a daily rota.
  • The large field is great fun for playing ball games too; we also play parachute and other fun games with the dinner ladies.
  • Around the perimeter of the field is a bark path that provides opportunities for walking and running even when the field is wet.
  • The school council have been involved with school staff to plan a 'trim trail' alongside the bark path and we are waiting to hear if our application for lottery funding to buy it has been approved.
  • The quiet garden is currently 'out-of-bounds' as some of the paving is unsafe.We do not play on the playground at the front of school.
  • Do not enter the staff room.  If you need to summon a member of staff from there please knock on the door and wait.
  • Never leave the school grounds without first asking permission from a member of staff, even if a parent or carer has come to take you home or to a Doctors/ Dentists appointment.